Catering: the next day

31 March 2021

Looking to the next day, four new catering measures have been in place since April.

The next day of catering, which awaits the “green light” for its operation after almost 6 months of suspension, worries the entrepreneurs in the industry, who see their cash reserves running low. According to government announcements in early April, new catering support measures are coming aimed at the survival of the affected companies in the sector and their smooth reintegration.

The new measures for catering

  • Subsidy in the form of working capital to catering companies that record a decrease in turnover is expected to be given in the near future. This is a program, which will be funded through the NSRF, with the aim of supporting businesses when the time comes for them to reopen. In this way, it is estimated that until the industry returns to normal, it will be possible to ensure the necessary liquidity for its viability.
  • In addition, through legislative regulation, the extension of expiring professional leases is expected. The plan is to extend the leases at the same time as the suspension of the affected companies. That is, if a business has been closed by government order for one semester, the lease that expires is extended for one semester after its expiration.
  • At the same time, the possibility of exemption from the municipal fees for cleaning and table seats is being considered. Today only 80-90 Municipalities out of a total of 332 Municipalities apply the legislation and exempt the catering shops from the municipal fees for electricity, cleaning and from the fees for occupying sidewalks and squares.
  • Finally, the possibility of freezing the payment of insurance contributions is open. If the measure is implemented, payments are expected to start in 2022, thus boosting business liquidity.