Who will be the buyers in the first fine food online exhibition «The DeliFair by EXPOTROF»

11 January 2021

From 1st to 5th of March 2021, the exhibitors / producers of «The DeliFair by EXPOTROF» will have the opportunity to expand their business actions in a direct and effective way, through live B2B meetings.

Loyal to its values, ​​to enhance the extroversion of Greek producers and the economy, the first digital food exhibition “The DeliFair by EXPOTROF” organizes B2B meeting activities that aim to unite the participating exhibitors-producers, with the retail and wholesale chains such as Supermarkets, Hotels and Restaurants as well as with international buyers.
How is this done? The exhibitor / producer simply sees the list of the selected buyers through the special management of the platform www.thedelifair.gr, selects the buyers who prefer to meet and the system combines the request based on distinct criteria and confirms the online meeting.

Through these personalized online business meetings, “The DeliFair by EXPOTROF” offers its exhibitors / producers the opportunity to expand their business network in the most efficient way. By creating a bridge of cooperation between producers and trade visitors from the national and international market, it actively contributes to the strengthening of extroversion and investment activity.

Having as the Gold Sponsor the internationally award-winning; independent hotel management company HotelBrain, “The DeliFair by EXPOTROF” provides its exhibitors the opportunity to meet with more than 20 Greek hotels of the group in the B2B Hotels action.At the same time, in the B2B Markets action, the exhibitors / producers will have the opportunity to meet with the largest retail chains in the country. This is the continuation of the respective B2B Markets action that took place in the latest EXPOTROF, in collaboration with FnB Daily, and in which retail chains such as AB VASILOPOULOS, Greek Supermarkets SKLAVENITIS, METRO / MYMARKET, THE MART etc participated .In addition, in B2B activities participants will have the opportunity to chat with restaurant and café buyers participating through the B2B Ho.Re.Ca. action, which is supported by HO.RE.CA. Open.Finally, through the B2B Global action, Greek producers will have the opportunity to come in direct contact with buyers from international markets, enhancing their exports and international activity.

All the meetings will be organized in advance through the specially designed platform of the digital exhibition “The DeliFair by EXPOTROF” and the exhibitors will have the opportunity to have fruitful discussions with the companies and to present their products.