Greek Producers talk about extroversion and their plans for 2021

21 December 2020

The Food and Beverage sector facilitates Greek extroversion

While the coronavirus pandemic is causing serious revenue losses in business sectors such as tourism and leisure services; the food and beverage industry leads extroversion activities and financially supports the country. In fact, export data show that the food and beverage sector is one of the few sectors that grew within the first 9 months of 2020. Specifically, according to the data provided by the Exporters Association of Northern Greece, food exports increased in the first nine months of 2020 by € 406,3 million (i.e. 11,5%) reaching € 3.931,9 million, with drinks and tobacco reaching € 46,5 million (i.e. 8,3%) and fats and oils € 110,6 million (i.e. 37,8%).The fact that 75% of food exports are absorbed by the European market, indicates that there are also significant growth opportunities in non-EU countries and areas.With these data, Greek companies aim within 2021 to further increase Greek extroversion by producing innovative goods of high added value.

According to EXPOTROF’s 2020 three awards winner for the pistachio of Aegina and his delicious proposals (Gold Award in the category “Best Dry Food 2020”, Gold Award in the category Best New Product 2020 for the “Peanut-free cream”, Bronze Award in the category Best New Product 2020 for ¨Pistachio Cream with sugar”), Mr. Koukoulis Alexandros, stated that through EXPOTROF he managed to expand his business by creating wholesale and online sale channels ( such stratigic moves Mr Koukoulis, expanded his 60 year retail store to an online store and invested to meet wholesale needs, exhibiting adaptability and evolution in order to withstand competition and the effects of the pandemic.2021 company’s goal is to empower the innovative initiatives, in order to gain further recognition of this particular local product on a National and Global scale. This is only one of the reasons for participating in the new digital exhibition “The DeliFair by EXPOTROF”.

With focus on innovation, the new digital exhibition The DeliFair by EXPOTROF” aims to substantially contribute to the development of the Greek extroversion with an organized plan to promote the Greek and Mediterranean diet products, by connecting the industry with tourism.

The digital exhibition “TheDeliFair by EXPOTROF” through the specially designed platform, gives Greek producers the opportunity to hold B2B meetings with buyers from major brands and food market companies such as wholesalers and Super Markets in both the national and international market.
In addition, “TheDeliFair by EXPOTROF”, with the experience of 7 successful events of EXPOTROF is the top choice for Greek producers who aim to promote their products through organized live presentations, to create sales opportunities through One to One Online communication plans and by sending samples to industry professionals. Moreover through the exhibition they get informed about the latest trends, through workshops and educational webinars.